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RockBoard DUO 2.0 B pedalboard avec housse

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le mardi 14 mai 2024

Mise à jour le 14-05-2024 01:06

RockBoard DUO 2.0 B pedalboard avec housse

Keeping things mega-compact, the Rockboard DUO 2.0 B pedalboard supplies space for a humble collection of three to five effect pedals, has a comfy and lightweight aluminium build and comes pre-wrapped in a gig bag. Alongside the board and bag, this complete pack comes with fastening tape so you can start mounting your pedals straight out of the box and, because this tight board has a slotted design, your patch leads and power cables can be neatly routed, organised and kept out of the way. Built for gigging life, this Rockboard offering simply assures you of a solid, stage-worthy...

Prix : 58.00 €

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